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"We shall meet, but we shall miss them,
There will be the vacant chairs,
But though we no more possess them,
Still our hearts their memory bear.
But a while ago we gathered,
Friendship beaming in each eye,
Now the golden cord is severed,
They have passed to realms on high.

In recognition of our Brothers and Sisters who have passed.
By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Alonzo R. Bragg  
Roger T. Breeden  
Thomas F. Wingfield  

William M. Brown  
Carroll Good  
Roy C. Haney  
Richard H. Herrmann  
Richard B. Martin
Bernard N. Maupin  
John P. McGraw  
Renwick Megahan  
Denise Lynn Mendicino  
Carl D. Proffitt, Jr.  
George Smith  
Charles V. Taylor  

Calvin E. Dodd  
Orville R. Loving  

E Grant Cosner
Calvin O. Shrum, P. E. R.  

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